Surgical Oncology

Out Reach Activities

Outreach is an activity of providing services to any population who might not otherwise have access to those services. The key component of such programs is that the groups conducting such events are not stationary. They reach and scan population who does not have access to hospitals or community health centers. They educate the masses by means of presentations or conducting camps in such deprived areas and to make them aware of the available treatment to their condition. At our hospital we ensure that camps are conducted at a regular basis at various areas and to scan such people and to make treatment available at minimal cost to people who cannot afford. We also conduct awareness camps to educate the masses about oral hygiene, ill effects of tobacco. There we are committed to make difference in providing health care to the deprived masses.

These outreach programs are also utilized to conduct various survey which might serve to give input of substantial data which can be utilized in various research activity and also influence policy decisions.

Surgical Oncology

Other Social Activities

The hospital encourages spreading awareness by way of engagement in various Social Activities e.g. tree plantation, blood donation camps, interpersonal interaction, various awareness rallies and similar programs.